Facebook Marketplace - Buy, sell, and trade with the Facebook Community

With Facebook Marketplace, you can buy and sell anything using their easy listing service. You can list what you want, what you have, and see how you know the people who have created listings. The Marketplace application page displays all the most recent listings in your networks, and easy ways to filter and search for what you want.


Now you know Facebook can be used to sell your products or your second hand (but still in a good quality) things. It is called Facebook Marketplace. You can sell things with no charge at all and the advantage of being a seller in Facebook is you can make your advertisement appear on targeted Facebooker. What does that mean? First you can choose which group of people who you think will be attract more to your products. The second thing is you can choose whether you want your items to be visible to the user group or not.
Even after you choose a specific crowd and you have targeted your customers on Facebook, other Facebookers (your friends) can see your advertisement in your profile. So, you are getting a lot of eyes on your products. Free, quick, and guaranteed to be seen for all users. Remember, you have to choose the right location. Or if you want to provide selling to other countries, it’s up to you! Make sure you have read the Terms and Condition carefully.

Not only sell your own things, you can sell your affiliate links. Affiliate websites are some website that are using you and other user to promote their links and you will get an advantage from them based on what system you prefer (Pay per click or Pay per sale). Affiliate websites usually have products to sell, like website or hosting, so they want you to promote their links. If you don’t know any affiliate websites, try Paydotcom or Clickbank. Those affiliate links also can be sold in your Wall, Group, Page, and anywhere on Facebook area! Facebook is way more convenient because others won’t give you many facilities to promote.

Maybe you don’t have things to buy and you don’t interested in selling affiliate links. Start to buy other products on commission to you. It means that you want to leverage the market place. How? Use the Radical Buy application on Facebook. This application allows you to sell and buy personal things and the unusual is it lets you to promote other user’s item and you will get commission!

Probably people would think Facebook is not as good as the famous eBay, but who knows? Facebook is getting really famous right now. Not everyone have an eBay account. And you can socialize better on Facebook, of course you will get more attention with Facebook Marketplace. The advertising is more functional than eBay, it is free, it has more options to get money, and you can target your customers! Don’t expect to get money fast, though, it all still depends on the products you sell to the Facebooker. If you sell quality products that would interest many of the Facebooker, you are about to get big bucks in your saving! Let’s follow this online making money ideas and make money with Facebook!

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