Messaging apps: 20 tricks to raise your chat game

hese secret tools should help you get the most out of Snapchat, iMessage, Facebook, Viber and Whatsapp
Master the art of the messaging app. Photograph: Alamy Sunday 21 September 2014 09.00 BST Shares 192 Comments15 Facebook Messenger1) Avoid using Messenger
Facebook has drawn the ire of its users by making it nigh-on impossible to not move over to the new Messenger app, which replaces the message functionality on the Facebook app itself. Now, when you click on messages, you are obliged to install Messenger, unless you’re content to never send Facebook messages from your phone again.
The only workaround, for the time being, is to use the mobile browser version of Facebook. There have been suggestions that on iOS if you pause the installation of Messenger, or delete it after installation, you can continue to send messages the old way, but we found this didn’t work.
2). Mut…

Permanently Delete a Facebook Account the easy way!

If you’re done with Facebook, you may be running around in circles trying to figure out how to delete your account. They certainly don’t make it easy to find. Follow this guide to make sure that you save all of the data you need and delete your account for good. 

Save any data you need. Before you delete your account, save any photos and contact information you need from your account. You will lose access to all of this when you delete your account. You can download a copy of all of your Facebook data through the Account Settings. Click on the Gear icon in the upper-right corner to access it. Click the link that says “Download a copy of your Facebook data”.Download individual pictures by clicking the Download link at the bottom when you open them.Clear your Facebook history. You can open the Activity Log to undo all of your previous actions on Facebook, such as liking posts and comments you’ve made. This will help ensure that as little data about you remains as possible aft…

Top-10 Facebook games of 2013

by Graeme Here are some topmost 10 Facebook games of 2013:
1. CityVille: Launched by Zynga, CityVille has enticed a large audience. The game not only offers a frolic world but also allows the players to carry out certain tasks side-by-side such as construction, farming, collection of tax and buying or selling of goods. .
2. Mafia Wars: This game is mostly preferred by travel enthusiasts as it allows the players to travel various countries such as New York, Cuba, Moscow, Bangkok, Las Vegas, Italy, and Paris and so on.  There is a complete marketplace offered to the players to trade for what they desire.
3. FarmVille 2: FarmVille is among the most-played Facebook games. The players need to manage a simulated farm through plantation of crops and harvesting trees.  Be it an adult or a child, they prefer this gameplay to the utmost.
4. FishVille: Similar to that of FarmVille, this game offers a computer-generated aquarium to the players. The players need to cope up with the virtu…

‘Status Snapper’ provides a quick way to ANONYMOUSLY share Facebook Statuses

Ever come across a Facebook status (a.k.a a post with the discussion underneath) that you wished you could share publicly on the internet, while preserving the anonymity of the people who liked it and/or left comments underneath? If so, then ‘Status Snapper’, a free Chrome extension, can provide a quick and easy way to capture screenshots of Facebook statuses while automatically blurring all names and profile pictures in the discussion underneath, maintaining the content without any identifying names or inf. It will also automatically upload it to Imgur for quick sharing.

How to Capture Facebook Statuses Install Status Snapper for Google Chrome. Once installed, login to your Facebook account and a newspaper icon will appear in your address bar. To capture any status, just click on the newspaper icon and it will show you a new ‘Snap’ button in the address bar top right.

Clicking the ‘Snap’ button will automatically blur the profile images and names, not just of the person…

Magically update your phone Contacts with a full screen caller ID and information from Facebook!

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